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Pod Sound School Review – Is It Worth Taking

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Pod Sound School Review Course

If you are interested in podcasting or you already have your own podcast up and running, then you may have heard about Pod Sound School.

It is a podcast about podcasting – an educational resource for content creators and producers who want to learn how to make the best podcasts. 

If you want to know more about Pod Sound School and whether it is worth checking out then keep reading.

We have put together this review to help you decide whether Pod Sound School will be useful for you. 

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What Is Pod Sound School? 

Pod Sound School Is An Informative Podcast that teaches you how to make better podcasts.

It is aimed at anyone involved in podcasting- hobby podcasters, sound producers, editors, script writers, content creators, entrepreneurs, artists.

If you take part in podcasts then there will be useful content on this podcast for you. 

The goal of the podcast is to help you create podcast content that will grow your audience.

If you have a business, whatever type of business it is, a podcast can be a great way to grow your customer base and ultimately make more money.

But there is a fine line between using a podcast to improve your business, and wasting your time creating podcasts that do not have any impact. 

Pod Sound School will tell you everything you need to know about making relevant content that will attract listeners, promote your business, and improve your performance.

It also has useful information about content marketing strategies, and even how to monetize your podcasts. 

Not only is Pod Sound School really practical, it also shows you how making podcasts can be fun.

For over four years, Pod Sound School has released podcasts and courses that have helped many people on their podcasting journey. 

The Creators Of Pod Sound School 

Pod Sound School is created by Veronica, a marketing and content strategy specialist, and an audio and video production specialist.

Together, their combined skills are used to tell you everything you need to know about the world of podcasting and how to podcast for business. 

Pod Sound School Review


Veronica has a very diverse background which has given her a lot of valuable experience. She graduated in Industrial Engineering and then went on to become a corporate lawyer.

This gave her some rather surprising transferable skills of content creation, communication and collaboration.

She is now the branding and content strategist for Pod Sound School and she teaches a lot of the online courses. She is very passionate about helping people to create podcasts. 


Steve has a background in video editing, sound mixing and podcast production.

He has previously worked in a Hollywood recording studio, then went on to open his own studio where he produced music and also taught lessons in audio production and audio editing.

He always had a passion for video, so he went back to school to study film.

Steve was then able to combine his audio production skills and newly learned video skills to work on various film and TV projects. 

This led Steve to work in podcast production which he did for several years before beckoning the creative director and producer for Pod Sound School. 

What Does Pod Sound School Offer? 

What Does Pod Sound School Offer? 

Pod Sound School has several different forms of content that you can use to help you get better at creating content and making money through your online business. 

The YouTube Channel 

The Pod School has its own YouTube channel with over 63,000 subscribers. They release a lot of helpful videos about creating and marketing content.

The videos are free to watch and cover topics like ‘7 reasons why podcasts fail’, ‘easiest and most effective content strategies’, ‘grow your podcast with paid ads’, ‘what should I podcast about’ and ‘podcasting on YouTube’. 

There are also lots of useful tips about editing and producing audio, setting up a business, interviewing guests, which software to use for your podcast and much more. 

The Podcast 

Pod Sound School has their own podcast called ‘Content Jefe’. It is aimed at online business owners who want to know how to create better content and make more money.

It covers various topics of content creation and content marketing to help you make more money online and create a podcast that will benefit your business. The podcast started in May 2020.

The Courses  

Pod Sound School offers several different courses that will help to improve your skills. 

Smart Podcasting On YouTube 

This course is for people who are struggling to gain momentum with their podcast.

It will give you in depth knowledge about using YouTube to gain exposure for your podcast, grow your listeners and get subscribers.

If you don’t have any experience with video creation or video podcasting then it can be quite daunting, but this course will help you every step of the way. 

You will learn about how to hack the YouTube algorithm, how to create video content, and how to succeed.

Veronica and Steve have teamed up with Nick Nimmin to create this course, an experienced and successful YoutTuber. 

You can pay for the course upfront, or go for two monthly payments instead. Both options are available on the Pod Sound School Website. 

7 Day Podcast Fast Track 

This course is for people who want to get into podcasting and don’t have any time to lose! In 7 days you will learn how to plan, produce and launch your podcast successfully.

It will show you how to avoid making the classic mistakes that trip up most podcasters, so that you can create content that will attract listeners. 

You will learn about how to retain the attention of your audience, how to build a close relationship with your listeners, how to control your content, how to build an authority on your chosen subject, how to network and encourage high profile guests onto your show, and ultimately how to become an expert podcaster. 

The course takes place over 7 days, without about 4 hours of teaching time per day. You also get daily worksheets and checklists to keep you on track.

Within 7 days you will have researched your topic and your market, developed a strategy, recorded and edited a trailer for your podcast, created cover art and social media graphics, and recorded and edited several episodes of your podcast ready to launch. 

This course has an upfront fee, and once you sign up you can begin the course when it suits you. 

Reaper 4 Podcasts 

This course is all about editing your podcast audio using Digital Audio Workstations. It is designed to show you how to cut down your editing time without compromising on quality.

This will give you more time to work on planning, marketing, networking and content.

By learning different editing techniques you will also be able to get more creative and create an immersive experience for your listeners. 

Your podcasting journey is more likely to be successful if you can avoid burning out and keep the process fun and manageable.

This course will help you to do that. It only takes 3 hours to complete the course, and you also get access to documents and resources to help you with your podcast.

There is a one off fee to sign up to this course. 

What Do We Think Of Pod Sound School? 

Now that you know more about Pod Sound School, it is time to look at what we like and what we don’t like about it. 


  • Variety – Pod Sound School offers content via YouTube videos, podcasts and courses. This means that you can choose the platform that best suits you. The YouTube videos and podcast episodes are free, which means that you don’t have to pay in order to learn. 
  • Experience – The combined experience of both the creators is very impressive. This means that you can trust the information they provide. 
  • Relevant – The content provided by Pod Sound School is very relevant. They know the most up to date trends and information that will help you to make better content and make more money with your online business. 
  • Actionable – Whichever type of content you consume from Pod Sound School, it will contain actionable points. You can easily make a list of things to do to improve the performance of your podcast to go away and complete. This also means that you can measure your success. 
  • Fun – Pod Sound School makes learning fun and engaging. 


  • Collaboration – It would be nice to see more collaboration with other podcasters and content creators. 
  • Price – The courses are quite expensive and might be out of price range for some people. 


Pod Sound School is a really useful resource to help people to create better podcasts. They offer information on content creation, editing, marketing, strategy and much more.

You can access this information for free on YouTube or via the podcast. You can also pay for more in depth information with the online courses.

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