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How To Monetize Buzzsprout Podcast

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How To Monetize Buzzsprout Podcast

An effective podcast monetization plan requires planning, conciseness, and a great deal of patience.

It’s brilliant to want to make money podcasting, and that is why the Buzzsprout podcast hosting platform offers some monetization opportunities to its users.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you advertise another brand’s or person’s products or services in exchange for a portion of the sales they will get through your endorsement. To put it simply, we are talking about commissions.

The affiliate marketplace has been popularized by content creators such as the creator of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, as it moves the focus away from the amount of downloads your show gets and toward the trust your podcast listeners have in you.

Small business owners rely on affiliate programs to grow as they are only required to reimburse you for the revenues you yield, so they make money regardless of how many items are sold.

When determining whether a brand will be a great match for your podcast episodes (resulting in more revenues and a larger commission for you), consider these questions:

  • Would I try this brand myself?
  • Is the merchandise appropriate for the subject of my show?
  • Will my loyal listeners understand the relevance of it and be happy that I’m sharing this with them?

It seems to be enticing to pursue affiliate collaborations with the highest commission, but don’t put your podcast audience at risk just to gain a quick profit.

Simply attempting to market a product that fails to match your business will make your audience feel as if they are being fooled.

Look for brands that your target market will enjoy ensuring that when they buy that product you are promoting, they will be grateful to you for telling them about it.

Consider signing up for Buzzsprout’s Affiliate Program if you’re searching for your first affiliate venture.

Regardless of whether you are a well-known podcaster or one that has just started their show, you can sign up for the affiliate program.

Like we’ve already said, we suggest reviewing each of the affiliated companies to determine which one you genuinely think will better relate to your target audience.

Even better when you’ve had actual experience with any of the merchandise!

How To Monetize Buzzsprout Podcast

Podcast Sponsorship

Podcast sponsorship deals are a useful money-making method for content creators as well as an important promotional tactic for brand names.

You have complete control over which labels you promote on every podcast episode.

By collaborating with brand names you truly care about, you can commercialize your podcast while keeping a true relationship with your audience and giving them exclusive content.

How Many Downloads Are Needed To Start?

The download demands differ based on the product and ad model used.

Some ad models require most successful podcasts with a large listener base, while some are effective with only a few hundred active audience members.

Before looking for label partners, consider the following:

  • Do I have a minimum of 200 downloads per episode regularly?
  • Have I truly earned the trust of my listeners?
  • What services or merchandise would be beneficial to my audiences?

Methods For Finding Podcast Sponsors

How To Monetize Buzzsprout Podcast

The approach you take when pitching to brands is heavily dictated by the size of your listenership. Below are the three major methods for approaching potential backers.

1. Make Direct Pitches To Companies

Ideal for podcasters who do not wish to share income with a network, this is the best way to get some sponsors if you are willing to connect with brand names or smaller companies and sell your ideas to them.

This method allows you to differentiate yourself from the competitors in the market, create premium content, achieve a mutually advantageous agreement, avoid network splits, and have absolute ownership over the partners you will end up choosing.

2. Sign Up For A Podcast Network

Any podcast host with over five thousand downloads per episode should go for this option.

When you take part in a podcast network (Midroll, Acast, and so on), they will handle all the tasks such as finding backers for you, so that you can concentrate on content creation.

Of course, networks take a percentage of your advertising revenues (typically about 1/3 of it), so if you don’t have a huge audience, this option will not leave you with much money.

3. Make Use Of A Podcast Advertising Marketplace

Podcast ad marketplaces bring together advertisers seeking to purchase advertising space and show hosts who desire to sell some.

Brand names can easily filter through 1000s of podcasts to identify the one which feels right for them and then contact the producer to reach an agreement.

Marketplaces receive 10% to 30% commission on your profits, and the competitors are usually way too many.

How To Monetize Buzzsprout Podcast

Buzzsprout Ads

Aside from the free podcast website, the platform also features Buzzsprout Ads so you can run ads for another podcast while your own show is on. To do that, all you have to do is head to the Monetization page to see if you are eligible for Buzzsprout Ads.

Advertisements Are Automatically Added As Mid-Rolls

Buzzsprout Ads employs a range of methods to determine the optimal quantity and placement of advert breaks while an episode is running.

It takes a bit of time to define your own advert breaks, and even more so when you have a massive back catalog. Therefore, with this function, you no longer have to worry about that!

You Will Be Compensated For The Monetized Downloads That You Provide

All advertisements pay the same amount of 1.4 cents Dollars for every download.

You can add these ad profits to your next Buzzsprout invoice or transfer the entire Buzzsprout Wallet amount to your PayPal account.

You Have Complete Control Over The Advertisements That Play In Your Show

Joining Buzzsprout Ads does not instantly install advertisements into your show.

As new commercials arrive in the system, you will be offered the chance to listen to and evaluate them prior to actually deciding whether or not to add them to your show.

The Bottom Line

Buzzsprout offers some great ways to monetize your podcast. However, not all of them are available to all podcasters and not all of them will yield the same profits.

So, choose the best one for your own podcast and earn your money with Buzzsprout hassle-free!

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