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The right verified promo code can make all the difference when signing up for a new podcasting service. Captivate FM understands this, which is why they frequently offer new verified Captivate FM promo codes to attract anyone looking for the best new podcast deal. The discounts these verified coupons offer vary from updated free trial time to savings on a variety of tested website packages.

Even without the tested discount coupons, Captivate FM holds up as a podcast website in its own right. They help any aspiring podcasting host get the best returns on their podcast through numerous tried and tested tactics. Much of this relates to distributing your podcast, marketing it, and the continued hosting of it. If you can save money along the way with a couple of discounts and deals, even better.

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How To Use Our Captivate FM Promo Code

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply a coupon code on Captivate .fm:

  1. Select a Captivate Pricing Plan: Navigate to the pricing page, and choose the Podcast hosting plan you wish to buy.
  2. Enter Personal Information: Once you’ve selected your desired plan, proceed to enter required information.
  3. Find the Coupon or Promo Code Field: On the pricing page, there should be a field labeled “Have a promo code?”
  4. Enter the Code: Type or paste the coupon code “WIREDCLIP” into this field.
  5. Apply the Code: After entering the code, there should be an “Apply” button next to the field. Click this button.
  6. Check the Total: After applying the coupon code, check the total amount to ensure that the discount has been applied. The total amount payable should reflect the discount.
  7. Complete the Purchase: Once you’ve confirmed that the discount is applied, you can proceed to finalize your purchase by entering your payment details and completing the transaction.
How to Apply Captivate FM promo code

Note: Captivate FM does not always run promo codes so be sure to check back to get the latest deals.

You can also click this button for a 7-day free trial that will be magically applied!

What Are Some Features That Captivate FM Offers?

There’s a lot to like about Captivate FM, even if no verified coupons or tested discounts are immediately available. Captivate FM allows you to upload a new podcast episode with a simple click or two. It streamlines a process that can usually be time-consuming.

You are even free to skip certain steps and return to them later. To get started, all you need to do is click ‘New Show’ on the Captivate FM page, and then you will find a series of steps to follow. These include:

  • Show title and subtitle
  • Podcast cover art
  • Show description
  • Podcast categories

Among others, including the addition of a donation button. You may also utilize various tested marketing tools that the Captivate FM page provides, including verified distribution through Apple, Spotify, and Amazon com.

How Much Does Captivate FM Cost to Use?

Captivate FM pricing can vary throughout the year due to the verified deals and coupons they like to release. However, their standardized pricing arrives in three distinct categories.

Captivate FM Yearly Pricing Promo Code
Plan NameMonthly Price (Paid Yearly)Features
Personal$17 USD/MO
  • Up to 30,000 downloads/month
  • Unlimited Podcasts
Professional$44 USD/MO
  • Up to 150,000 downloads/month
  • Unlimited Podcasts
Business$90 USD/MO
  • Up to 300,000 downloads/month
  • Unlimited Podcasts
Note: The cost of the package is billed monthly but paid yearly.


$17 Per Month

Allows for 30,000 downloads each month


$44 Per Month

Allows for 150,000 downloads each month


$90 Per Month

Allows for 300,000 downloads each month

There is also a seven-day free trial that any new user can get if they wish to have tested the platform prior to committing. You can get this seven-day deal to check any of the three packages listed.

Each verified plan offers you the opportunity to upload an unlimited amount of podcasts with access to all Captivate FM tested features. The only difference is how many downloads a listener can save from your page. This particular feature of Captivate FM is one of its strongest attributes, as there’s no paywall between users and tested features.

What Discount Codes Do Captivate FM Coupons Offer?

We all enjoy a good deal or an opportunity to save money from time to time. Scouring the internet to find the best-verified discount codes and checking for the newest tested coupon codes for any service has become the norm. Thankfully, Captivate FM releases verified and tested promo codes throughout the year to attract new users.

They have an entire verified page dedicated solely to tested coupons and deals. If searching for a tested Captivate FM promo code, check their verified Captivate FM coupons site for continually updated details. The deals offered to users vary from price package sale to free trial extension, among others.

One standout feature of any Captivate FM deal or sale is that they are never featured on any standard discount code site. Captivate FM coupons are exclusively found through their own verified page. It’s the only way you can know for sure that the Captivate FM coupon code deal you’re getting is tested and verified.

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Captivate FM FAQ

Is It Free to Host Podcasts on Captivate?

Is a Captivate FM Coupon Code Only Valid During Certain Parts of the Year?

A: No. Any tested and verified deal you get through the Captivate FM site will have its discount rules laid out. They can arrive at any point in the year, though you’re more likely to find a deal during the holidays.

When exactly do these Captivate deals come to life?

A: While we can’t predict the future (we wish!), Captivate FM discounts usually pop up during festive seasons, or to commemorate unique milestones and events.

Can Captivate FM Distribute My Podcast Through Various Platforms?

A: Yes. Captivate FM can publish any of your podcast episodes through Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and many other platforms.

Is There Always a Captivate FM Deal Available?

No. Think of them as a verified gift. They aren’t permanently available, making them a more valuable deal. The only way to ensure you don’t miss your deal is by staying up to date with everything Captivate FM offer.

Our Pick

Every tool you need to start, manage and monetize

your podcast

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Final Thoughts

Captivate FM is an intuitive podcast platform that does not limit its features to a particular price. Any user can access all of its tested features and begin publishing through Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon almost immediately. It’s a pretty great deal, no matter which price package you opt for.

To learn more about Captivate FM (copyright 2023), visit their official website by clicking here. You might just find yourself the perfect deal for all of your podcasting ambitions.

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