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Best Tables For Podcasting

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Podcasting Table

The space and environment of a podcast is not only incredibly important for audio purposes and keeping everyone involved around a singular microphone or space in the room, it is also hugely important for visual purposes making a podcast look inviting and accessible while also being as formal or relaxed as you want.

Tables specifically are very commonly used in podcasts because of how they can play the part of giving off a sense of professionalism but can just as easily be used for a more casual setting, especially with the amount of extra additions you can decorate them with to add a sense of flavor to your podcast.

Finding the right table for a podcast makes the whole recording process not only easier, but much more comfortable as well, so with that being said here are some of the very best tables suitable for any podcast that you can pick up right away.

#1 Teraves Modern L-Shaped Table

If you want your podcast to be a bit more intimate with the camera easily focusing on 2 or 3 guests sitting around 1 high textured microphone, this desk is made of a P2 class particle board with edge technology that is designed in a large surrounding L shape, giving every guest their own space. 

The desk stands at 29 inches high providing as much leg room as you could need along with adjustable leg pads so that you can fit the desk exactly how you like.

The corner of the L shape is also curved rather than being sharp, creating a comfortable space where everyone can see each other and the discussion can flow freely.

The thick steel frame makes it extremely sturdy and firm, ensuring it won’t be wobbling soon after you get it, and for extra measure it’s incredibly simple to put together and can be done in just a few minutes thanks to clearly labeled assembly tools and instructions that are included. 

This desk is great for giving everyone a great amount of room with a unique design that works great when using a video format too.


  • Durable P2 class particle and thick steel frame 
  • Unique L curvature design 
  • Plenty of leg room at 29 inches tall 
  • Adjustable leg pads 


  • Surface is quite slippery

#2 Walker Edison 4 Person Round Table

This is one of the most inviting and warm looking tables you will be able to find with its minimalist circular design featuring a smooth powdered wood veneer finish which can easily fit in with any neutral or brighter colors around the room. 

Its dimensions are 31 H x 40 L x 40 W making it spacious but also wide enough to make sure everyone is involved and able to speak their mind freely while sitting back and relaxing. 

Its industrial modern wood material and steel legs makes it sturdy enough to stay in place and not slide around while recording while also giving it a real furniture feel allowing it to blend in with a living room extremely easily, while also making it extremely versatile for when you want to use it outside of podcasting.

The beauty of this table’s wide circular shape is also the fact that it encourages everyone to huddle around one microphone which provides good audio quality that won’t be higher or lower for one person or the other, and makes it so you won’t have to buy multiple microphones at once.


  • Warm and inviting circular design 
  • Very spacious for multiple people 
  • Makes speaking around 1 microphone easy 
  • Easily blends in with living rooms 
  • Can be easily used outside of podcasting 


  • Wood veneer can scratch easily

#3 IKIFLY Modern Extension Table

This elongated table is great for interview style podcasts where you want a slightly formal but still comfortable setting where you can be placed directly in front of your guest to have a personal and focused conversation where each discussion can flow freely.

The sturdy metal design includes a premium MDF table top which is great at protecting against any scratches or mess from sticking, keeping it looking clean and professional. 

The beneficial features of this table do not end there however, it is also extendable allowing you to stretch it out to 62 inches at full length or shorten it down to 39 inches.

This makes it very adjustable and a great addition for the long term, at full length it is designed to accommodate up to 6 people while the shorter length is great for 3 or 2 people, giving you lots of choice.

It is also incredibly easy to open up and close with its built-in slide out design, and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or non-aggressive detergents.

This table is a great adjustable frame table which can just as easily be used for when you have a large amount of guests as it can for more personal interviews.


  • Easy extendable design for adjustable length 
  • MDF table top very resistant against mess and scratches  
  • Formal and professional black metal surface 
  • Perfect for interview style podcasts
  • Can accommodate up to 6 people


  • Edges of veneer are very sharp 

#4 Furnimy Outdoor Patio Bar Table

If you want to take your podcast out into the sun where you can have a carefree chat with a guest while maybe even enjoying some refreshments throughout the episode, this table may be small but it is oozing with atmosphere thanks to its bright and sunny design. 

Featuring 2 bar stools, the chairs and table are all made of steel frames and also have a rattan weaving design adding a beautiful touch of the outdoors to the aesthetic. 

There are 2 ample shelves just to the side and below the table where you can store any food or refreshments and with each seat standing 28 inches off the ground, it adds a lot of comfortability so that you and your guest can relax while chatting and not having to worry about wishing you had more leg room.

For even more comfortability, each stool has cushions covers made from 210g polyester cloth for extra comfy seating. This is not even mentioning the sturdy tempered glass tabletop which is great for protecting against any coffee or alcoholic spillages which can so often ruin a good table.

A perfect addition for the outdoors, this is an excellent podcasting table for 2 people to have an engaging discussion while out in the sun.


  • 2 cushion covered bar stools included 
  • 2 ample shelves for drink storage 
  • Steel frames on base and legs 
  • Perfect color palette for outdoors 


  • Can be easily knocked over 
  • Quite small, accommodating 2 people 

#5 Signature Design by Ashley Realyn Extension Table

If you are planning to have a large amount of guests on the podcast and want to make sure that you can fit everyone in for some insightful and engaging discussions, this extension table can reach an incredible width of 96 inches being able to accommodate for 8 people easily and even 10 people if you want to huddle everyone around.

The French inspired wooden design is incredibly sleek with a very calming traditional aesthetic on the surface and the legs which are all made of veneer wood with some engineered cast resin components included for extra sturdiness.

While being fairly big and weighty, it is also very easy to prepare and set up with easy-to-follow instructions, tools and hardware included so you can start using this large table suitable for as many guests as you wish in no time at all.


  • Sleek French dining room aesthetic 
  • Incredible 96 inch width when extended 
  • Can support 8 people easily
  • Easy to set up with instructions and tools included 
  • Smooth and professional wooden veneer surface 
  • Resin components added for extra sturdiness


  • Very expensive 

Buyer’s Guide

In order for a table to be suitable for podcasting so it is as comfortable and efficient as possible, there are multiple factors that should be considered to make sure the product is just right. Here are some of the main components that let you know if a table is good for podcasting.


The height of the table is very important not only to allow you and your guest to sit in a comfortable position without having to lean over towards the mic, but it is also crucial for leaving a lot of leg room which can let a guest feel a lot more welcomed as they freely sit and stretch their legs rather than getting cramped up. 

Make sure that the height you choose is either at your chest level as if you were eating dinner, or if you have a more spacious and far reaching microphone for multiple people smaller tables with the mic in the middle is also a great option. 


The material of the table can actually matter a lot since some can create more of a clattering sound that can heavily interfere with the audio and create some unwanted noises.

Solid wood is one of the most common options not only because it looks clean and professional, but it also does not make extremely loud noises when placing something on its surface or moving a microphone or desktop around.

Ceramic and tile tables are also an option that both looks great and are extremely comfortable to sit around without making too much noise while in use.


Even if your podcast is only using audio, listeners will still be able to make out the distance between you and your guest which can affect their enjoyment since they don’t want to listen to a host and their guest shouting at each other from across a long table. 

Finding the right distance is important when figuring the set up of your podcast including how casual or formal you want it to be and if you want it in a relaxed or a one on one interview style setting. 

Long horizontal tables that stretch a good distance tend to be optimal for formal interview styled podcasts where you can focus on the other person and address them directly.

In contrast, circular and L-shaped tables provide a much more relaxed feeling where everyone can contribute to the conversation whenever they please, creating a much more casual conversation for listeners to enjoy. 


While it might not seem like it originally, the table you use actually has a huge impact on both how people see and interact with the podcast, as well as establishing how formal or casual each episode will be.

These are some of the most product friendly tables on the market right now that come in a variety of designs and functions so you can choose the one that expresses your podcast the best while also remaining stylish and comfortable. 

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