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Best Podcasts For Men

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Best Podcasts For Men

The age of the podcast is most definitely upon us, and now there are literally over a million podcasts to choose from. This is a blessing but also a curse, as now it is becoming even more difficult to make the right choice.

The topic of conversation today will explore the best podcasts for men, and in this list, you’ll find a wide variety of topics that guys will enjoy.

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is known for the famous book The 4-Hour Workweek, and he is a self-proclaimed self-development junkie that will try his hand at anything in order to improve his productivity and performance.

Expect to learn a wide variety of skills in his podcast from becoming more productive, to learning martial arts, being able to be better in the kitchen, or even learning a language. He has a lot of famous guests on as well, so there’s something for everyone.

2. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

Here’s a show for the man that loves to listen to another man ramble on about a wide variety of topics. Bill Burr is a stand-up comic and is known for his controversial opinions on a range of topics, which are not for the faint of heart.

If you are looking to listen to a man speak plenty of vulgar languages as he complains about many aspects of life, then this Monday morning show is great for a laugh, and soon not long as you agree about the frustrations of the modern world.

3. The Art Of Manliness

This is the true gentleman’s guide for learning all of the tricks and trades that being a cool guy is known for. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to whistle with your fingers, then you get the idea of what to expect from arguably one of the manliest podcasts out there.

In an age where masculinity is being attacked, it’s refreshing to see the contents of these podcasts as Bret McKay interviews a number of guests on subjects regarding things like stress, hormones, and philosophical debate. Level up your manliness with this podcast.

4. The Bill Simmons Podcast

Sometimes we need a break from reality, and if you’re a fan of the NBA and fantasy football, you’ll probably dig this podcast as it provides you with all of the analysis on the NBA playoffs, trade rumors for the draft, and the hot picks for the upcoming season.

You can also find interviews with celebrities and several topics that have nothing to do with Sports. However, for the fantasy draft junkie who wants to feel like they are managing their team, this podcast has some of the best insights out there.

5. Freakonomics Radio

If you’ve never read Freakonomics, you’re missing out on a wonderfully interesting book on economics that is explored unusually. This podcast is for the guy that wants to learn about economics and money but in an almost irreverent way.

Expect to learn how you can spend your money in the stupidest ways, whether economic growth is the wrong goal, and how drug dealers go about doing the banking.

With episodes being under 30 minutes, this is a great escape on a lunch break or a jog outside.

6. Lead To Win

For any guy in the self-development world, there comes a point where you probably want to look to level up your leadership skills.

This podcast, delivered by Michael Hyatt will help lead you to success in several weekly lessons, from success and leadership to business and productivity.

You’ll also learn the mindset of a successful performer, and it will help you tackle some of the inner thoughts that you’re having that might potentially be preventing you from reaching the next level.

7. The Joe Rogan Experience

This list wouldn’t be complete without the most successful podcast in the world. Joe Rogan is not afraid to shy away from having some of the toughest conversations with some of the most controversial names out there.

He is not afraid to speak to anyone and there is no subject that he won’t give his opinion on.

But the charm of the Joe Rogan Experience is that he isn’t just doing it for clicks, as he is generally interested in learning more, which will pick up on his inquisitive and comedic personality.

8. WIRED Gadget Lab

If you’re a technology junkie and want to keep up-to-date on the latest technology news, then this is the place that we recommend you go. It’s the go-to hub for learning all about the latest Smart TV, or smart car that is about to launch on the market.

Expect to discover about automation and artificial intelligence, as well as the latest in virtual reality, and even robots that can do backflips. There’s something for everyone with this tech podcast.

Podcasts For Men

Final Thoughts

Those are our best picks for guys that cover a whole range of topics. Now you’ll have the perfect companion for those quiet times of the day when you want to escape.

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