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Audio-Technica ATR2100x Review For Podcasting

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Audio-Technica Atr2100x

Getting the right type of microphone for your needs can always be a complicated task. First, you need to know what type of recording you’ll be doing: podcasting, video recording, filmmaking or music.

If you are looking for a decent first microphone that you can use for all these different tasks, then you can’t go far wrong with the Audio-Technica Atr2100x. This microphone is a great entry-level one for people who don’t know that much about microphones.

But what can this microphone do for you exactly? What purposes can you use this microphone for? How much will you have to pay for it? Well, if you want to know the answers to these questions and a lot more, we would recommend that you keep reading.

What’s So Good About The Audio-Technica Atr2100x?

Well, one of the main draws of this microphone is its versatility when it comes to plugging it into your audio interface.

This comes with both XLR and USB capabilities, which makes them simply amazing for plugging into either an amp or your computer.

This comes with a dynamic patterning that you can be sure will get rid of all the background noise that you might be experiencing. This is great if you want to amplify an isolated vocal live without bleed from other instruments.

This is also a great microphone to use if you are recording outdoors. It will filter out most of the wind, which is very important for getting a clean vocal in adverse weather conditions.

It Is Great Value For Money?

This microphone comes with great fidelity, meaning that you won’t have to muddy feedback and it will give you the best frequency response – and all for a very decent price.

This is great if you are looking for a microphone that you are using for the first time. Often if you are new to music recording, then you won’t be that aware of how to install reams of software or drivers.

However, Audio-Technica makes it very easy to just plug this one in and play it. This is very easy to use and will not cause any tangling or delta issues with the recording.

How Well Is It Designed?

When it comes to the design, then you won’t go far wrong with this unit. This is very much like the Shure SM58, which is an industry-standard microphone that will be known to most intermediate musicians.

This is a very light microphone, coming with brushed steel aluminum that will be very easy to clean and maintain. It is also very good for withstanding a lot of high impacts.

This comes with a head grill that will help you filter out all of the noise as well as any debris that you might experience clogging up your microphone head.

This also comes with a power switch, which is great if you want to control the volume from the microphone itself. It also comes with an LED indicator that will let you know the power as well as the volume level.

How Does It Handle?

This microphone is also great as it will not pick up that much background noise. This is great if you are going to be using it in a live music setting or recording a podcast in the great outdoors.

This microphone is very easy to handle, coming with a solid grip that you can be sure won’t cause you chafing or blisters around the palms of your hands or fingers.

How About Vocal Recordings?

This microphone only really works when you get up close and personal. It will deliver a rich and resonant vocal, which is great for recording live music.

You’ll have to be considerate of where you aim this microphone, as it will not pick up any sounds from the back or the sides.

If you are going to be using this microphone for recording more than one person, then we would recommend buying two. As we have mentioned above, this microphone will only isolate the sound coming through the front head of the mic.

Can You Monitor Your Audio?

The fact that you can put in the jack for this microphone to monitor the feedback levels is a great little addition.

However, you might find it tricky if you are filming in a windy location as this might make it difficult to hear some of the things that you are trying to record.

If you are going to be plugging in your headphones when you are recording, then we would recommend that you do so. This will help you to figure out where to position your mouth on the microphone.

This microphone will also work really well if you are recording using a digital interface at the same time. We would certainly recommend that you have these set up across from each other and mounted on a stand.

This is another great thing about using these mics is that you can mount them very easily on a stand. This is great if you want to record a podcast, hand-free.

You can also have these microphones mounted for overhead use, which is particularly useful when you are filming. This will help to keep the boom microphone out of the way of your shot.

What Accessories Come With This Mic?

This microphone comes with two 2-meter USB cables, which will be very helpful when you are recording straight into your computer.

It also comes with a 3-meter XLR cable, which will definitely be useful if you are using it live onstage.

Both of these cables are very durable and will not break if you accidentally trip over them. 

This also comes with a tripod desk stand that is made from sturdy metal that you can use for recording podcasts or vocals.

These are great accessories and for the price, you’ll get great value for money. You won’t have to buy any additional leads that might drive up the overall price of having to buy your whole podcast studio.

The Pros Of The Audio-Technica Atr2100x

  • Great sound – if you are going to be getting a microphone for professional sound quality, then you won’t go wrong with one of these.
  • Jack control – you’ll be able to plug in headphones to this unit, which is great for live monitoring of your vocals or instrument.
  • You can record two devices simultaneously – if you are looking for a decent microphone that will record two in one, then this is the mic for you.
  • Easy to use – this comes with a very simple plug-in and play capability, which is great if you are using it for the first time and you have very little knowledge of audio setups.
  • Works with Microsoft and Apple systems – if you are looking for something that is versatile and can record across different devices, then we would certainly recommend Audio-Technica.
  • Compatible with many devices – with USB ports, you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to recording on your smartphone, laptop or tablet device.
  • Good wind exclusion – if you are going to want to be recording outdoors in the harsh weather, then we would certainly recommend this unit.
  • Great for podcasting – if you want a solid mic that comes with a great stand, then you should buy this one.

The Cons Of The Audio-Technica Atr2100x

  • Requires two mics for a podcast – if you are going to be recording a podcast, then you’ll need to buy two separate microphones for each guest.
  • Not a great tripod – this is not as sturdy as other tripods.


We hope that our review of the Audio-Technica Atr2100x has helped you decide whether or not it is the right microphone for your needs.

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