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Premium Beat Review and Coupon Code

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Premium Beat by Shutterstock Review

Many services nowadays provide stock images for free, but they leave one thing wanting: stock music.

Music and sound effects bring life to online content. Most internet users nowadays find videos or sound effects more engaging than still images. But the market for stock music is lacking.

Enter: Premium Beat.

This service provides an extensive database of stock music and sound effects. Check out this Premium Beat review to learn more about this service and uncover limited-time savings with a discount code.

About the Stock Music Service

Francois and Gilles Arbour founded Premium Beat in 2005 because they realized the market was lacking an adequate amount of stock music. The father-and-son duo were friends with many musicians, so they saw an opportunity to create a site where artists could sell licenses for their tracks.

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They operate under the Shutterstock umbrella, which acquired the service in 2015. The service is a community of designers, programmers, music composers, and music lovers. Through simple licensing, they enable people passionate about music to acquire licensing and ethical access to high-quality tunes.

Fast Facts

  • Licensing for royalty-free music and sound effects
  • Thousands of tracks and sound effects for media projects, videos, apps, games, and more
  • Access to exclusive music produced by world-class composers
  • Membership in numerous professional performing rights organizations
  • Accepts third party promo codes to help users save money
  • A blog where music experts discuss current trends in the industry

How To Use the Service

You can head to the website and sign up for an account with your email address—it’s free, and you only pay when you purchase a track, not the service itself.

The licenses do cost money. However, the pricing is reasonable, especially considering that you can access exclusive tunes and sounds created by world-class composers. They also have the occasional coupon to make the tunes more affordable.

You can use the track in anything you want, from personal media projects to commercial videos. You can also edit the tracks. As long as you’re using the track in your project, you can use the content in any way you like.

Note that there are things you cannot do when using this service. You can purchase songs, but you can’t resell or distribute them. You also can’t claim the content as yours. For instance, you can’t purchase an instrumental track, record your voice over it, and claim it as yours.

Pricing and Packages

The company offers two licensing packages, both available for a one-time fee. You also can apply a coupon to keep the initial cost low.

Music and SFX Pricing Comparison

Product TypeSubscription TypeMonthly PriceYearly PriceSavingsAdditional Information
MusicSubscriptionUS$64.95/monthSave 70%5 tracks per month
MusicSubscriptionUS$585/yearSave 80%60 tracks per year
Music or SFXSingle PurchaseStandard: $49
Premium: $199
Pay once, use forever
Music or SFXSingle PurchaseStandard: $5
Premium: $20
Pay once, use forever
  • Product Type: Specifies whether the package is for Music or SFX.
  • Subscription Type: Indicates if the package is a subscription or a single purchase.
  • Monthly Price: The cost of the package if billed monthly.
  • Yearly Price: The cost of the package if billed yearly.
  • Savings: The percentage you save by choosing a particular package.
  • Additional Information: Includes details like the number of tracks available.

Standard License – $49

Your initial purchase includes the Standard License automatically. It allows you to use a track worldwide and for as many projects as you need. You can use the tracks for web-based projects and non-commercial distribution OR in commercial distribution up to 1000 units.

The company tracks the usage data with a code using your IP address. This license is the cheapest option, and it can be even more affordable when you sign up with codes coupons. The standard package is the most popular for creators on YouTube or Vimeo media platforms.

There are plenty of promo codes available across the web. If you need a promo code for the Standard License, we’ve got you covered! Get a coupon for your music today and save big.

Premium License – $199

This license extends usage rights to bigger projects such as television, theater, film, and radio. With this package, you can use the track in large projects. However, you cannot use any single track in more than one project. These large projects must be within a $2M budget as well. The company tracks this data using your IP address as a code.

This license is more expensive but ideal for large-scale projects, such as a movie. Be sure to look for a coupon code or other coupons on a third party site if you’re trying to save money. There are plenty of coupons and promo codes you can apply to this license to bring the price down. Once you’ve added the tracks to your shopping cart, put in your coupon code, and it’ll take the coupon amount off instantly.

If your project requires rights that the license doesn’t cover, you can inquire about creating a custom license. The company will tailor your custom license for your project.

Premium Beat Coupon Code

Finally, discounts and coupons: If you’re hesitant about the costs, you can find a Premium Beat coupons updated on this page. The company rolls out new coupons. There are many promo codes, coupon codes, and discount codes available.

To take advantage of the savings, apply the coupon code to your shopping cart, and you’ll get your discount. The company also has a sale going on almost all the time, including the 2022 coupons. Keep that in mind and take advantage of the coupons while they last!


Every single track on the site is exclusive. When you purchase a track from the site using a coupon code or bundling several coupons, you get stock music and sound effects for reasonable prices. The site also offers straightforward licensing options.

With merely a one-time fee and a coupon code discount, you gain rights reserved to use that track. Not many other services work like this.

Here are a few more pros in case you need more convincing:

  • Curated playlists – The music experts curate playlists for various genres and purposes
  • Searchable collection – Using keywords to find the perfect track from their massive collection
  • Free samples – You can download a snippet for any track free of charge
  • Free sample editing – You can edit a small part of the track to test out if it’s the perfect fit. Once you’ve found the right track, use a coupon code to download it at a reduced price!
  • Excellent customer service – The dedicated customer service team helps with music searches, editing, and may even give you secret codes/coupons.
  • Blog – The company runs a blog, titled “The Beat,” which covers valuable information about the music industry. You can find coupons and coupon codes on this blog from time to time.
  • Discount – Using a coupon during a sale can give you a generous discount on the final price. Use a promo code or one of many coupons to find the track you need at the price you want!


  • Stock music, not popular tunes – If you want to use a popular song, you won’t find it here. 
  • Limits with Standard package – This option doesn’t let you use the track on TV or radio advertisements, but you can access both with the next tier.
  • Cost – We recognize that the prices may be steep for some people, but it’s a small price to pay for a 100% unique music! You also can apply a coupon or promo code to get a discount. Simply use one of the dozens of coupons across the web.


We couldn’t rave more about Premium Beat. The service allows content creators to find unique tracks for a reasonable price. Plus, you can discover more about the music industry through their blog. Remember, there are plenty of promo codes, coupon codes, and other coupons to apply to any sale.

Need a discount code? You can discover plenty of coupon codes and promo codes online. Overall, we couldn’t be more excited about this service. Our review confirms it’s one of the best stock music services.

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