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Simplecast Review: Is It the Right Podcast Hosting Platform for You?

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Simplecast Podcast Hosting Platform Review

Podcasting involves significant effort, but don’t let that discourage you from sharing your story or creative ideas. Most podcasters start small, gradually growing their audience through practice.

You don’t need to be a celebrity or professional to share your opinions, craft a story, or host your talk show; you just need some basic equipment, a setup, and a commitment to improving.

When you’re ready to publish your first episode, choosing a reliable host becomes essential. Many new podcasters don’t realize they can’t directly upload to directories like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

This is where a media host platform, which stores and distributes your podcasts, comes in handy, relieving you from the complexities of self-distribution.

So, which podcast platform should you use? Simplecast is a popular choice among many shows. In this Simplecast review, we’ll examine whether Simplecast is a good podcast hosting platform and if it meets your needs.

We’ll explore its pros and cons, compare it to competitors, and address other critical questions to help you make an informed decision.

In Summary

  • 🎙️🌐 Simplecast provides complete podcast hosting, distribution, and management but lacks creation, recording, or editing features.
  • 💰📊 Choose from four pricing plans for independent creators and two for enterprise and professional podcasters, suitable for any podcasting level.
  • 📈🔍 Advanced analytics offer deep insights into your audience, aiding in content decisions.
  • ☁️🔄 Unlimited storage and uploads across all subscription levels allow podcast growth without constraints.
  • 🖥️🎧 A customizable media player and one-click distribution enable seamless integration with your website and social media, enhancing reach and engagement.

What Is Simplecast?

simplecast podcast hosting review
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Simplecast is a podcast hosting service that provides users with top-notch publishing, distribution, sharing, and analytic tools.

What’s particularly notable about Simplecast is its longevity. It started in 2013 before podcasts became as mainstream as they are today.

The company committed to its innovative product from the beginning, attracting users seeking an ideal podcast solution with its easy-to-use platform.

Over the years, Simplecast has established itself as one of the industry’s major players, serving countless users from both big and small shows.

This stands in stark contrast to many podcast-hosting companies that have come and gone. When choosing a podcast host, it’s wise to select a provider with a long-standing reputation.

How Much Does Simplecast Cost?

simplecast pricing plans

Simplecast offers multiple pricing tiers, each designed to cater to different podcasting needs. While there is no free version, all plans come with a 14-day free trial. Here are the current pricing options:

Basic: $15/month ($13.50/month if prepaid annually)

  • Ideal for beginners or early-stage shows.
  • Includes unlimited uploads, storage space, basic listener analytics, a branded website, and social media sharing clips.

Essential: $35/month ($31.50/month if prepaid annually)

  • For growing shows needing more detailed analytics and additional features.
  • Offers everything in the Basic plan, plus advanced analytics, more customizable web players, and team management for up to four team members.
  • Includes customizable download charts, detailed apps and browser data, and interactive location data with states and provinces.

Growth: $85/month ($76.50/month if prepaid annually)

  • For shows with a larger audience and need for extensive analytics.
  • Includes all Essential features, plus a comparison of up to four episodes, detailed listening device data, and team management for up to nine members.
  • Features enhanced analytics, social referrers, and additional web players.

Professional: $250/month

  • For large, chart-topping shows and enterprise-level needs.
  • Provides the most granular analytics, dynamic ad insertion, advanced reporting, and priority customer support.
  • Ideal for extensive team collaboration and monetization strategies. Affiliate Button
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  • Featuring powerful tools for podcasters.
  • Reliable hosting, simplified analytics.
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Enterprise: Custom Pricing

  • Tailored solutions for large networks with specific requirements.
  • Includes all Professional features, plus API integration, high bitrate audio, and dedicated success management.

All plans ensure seamless distribution to major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. They also offer unlimited audio storage, making them a robust choice for podcasters at any level.

Pricing Plan Features Comparison

Monthly Cost$15 ($13.50 annual)$35 ($31.50 annual)$85 ($76.50 annual)$250
Downloads per Month20,00050,000125,000Custom
Uploads & Storage♾️♾️♾️♾️
Web PlayersStandardAdditionalCustomizableCustomizable
Team Members249Custom
Ad Insertion
Reporting Suite
Custom Website Pages124Custom
Dynamic Ad Insertion
Customer SupportStandardStandardStandardPriority
API Integration
White-labeled RSS Feeds

Simplecast Features

Let’s take a closer look at the features Simplecast offers:

File Uploads

Simplecast simplifies the process of uploading files for storage and distribution. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting, you can easily upload your episodes with a few clicks.

Simplecast supports MP3s at 128kbps or lower, automatically re-encoding larger files down to 128kbps if necessary, while retaining the original stereo or mono encoding. This ensures that your audio quality remains consistent and professional.


Access to comprehensive statistics is crucial for any podcaster aiming to understand and grow their audience. Simplecast provides a robust analytics dashboard that adheres to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Key statistics include:

  • Directories used by listeners
  • Types of devices used (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Location heatmaps
  • Popular times of day
  • Episode comparison metrics

The Unique Listeners feature is particularly valuable, allowing you to count the individual devices streaming or downloading your episodes, giving you a clearer picture of your audience demographics and behavior.

Private Podcasting

For podcasters who wish to keep some episodes exclusive, Simplecast offers private podcasting options. This feature allows you to hide selected episodes from your RSS feed and public directories, making them accessible only to chosen audiences.

This is particularly useful for offering premium content through platforms like Patreon. Moreover, you have the flexibility to switch episodes between public and private at any time, ensuring complete control over your content visibility.

Your Podcast Website

Simplecast provides subscribers with the option to create a customizable website. This feature is invaluable for promoting your podcast, as the site automatically updates with new episodes.

By default, your site will have a domain like, but you can set up a custom domain if preferred.

The customizable website includes options to brand your page with themes and colors that match your podcast’s identity.

If you already have a website built on platforms like WordPress or Squarespace, you can integrate your Simplecast feed seamlessly by checking the “No Index” box to prevent duplicate content issues.

Web Players

All Simplecast plans allow you to embed players on your site, which is great for listeners who interact with podcasts via their web browsers.

The Basic plan includes a Standard player, which is functional, but the Essential and Growth plans offer more customization options, including player and color customization.

  • Standard Player: Available on all plans, it provides a straightforward way to embed your episodes on your website.
  • Customizable Players: Essential and Growth plans allow you to customize the look and feel of the players, including changing colors and styles to match your branding.
  • Analytics Integration: All plays from embedded players are tracked and added to your analytics, ensuring you have a complete picture of your audience’s engagement.


Subscribers have access to the Recast editor, one of the most effective sharing tools for your podcast. It’s great for editing short audio clips to share on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, etc.

  • Recast Editor: Allows you to customize clips with colors, artwork, or logos, enhancing your branding.
  • Listener Sharing: Listeners can create and share their clips, promoting visibility and engagement.


Simplecast makes it easy for users to move between platforms. For instance, you can import any shows you already have published to the Simplecast platform using its show migrator.

  • Show Migrator: Effortlessly move your existing podcasts to Simplecast.
  • Seamless Transfers: Transfer your shows without any disruption, ensuring a smooth transition.

Advanced Analytics

Simplecast provides comprehensive analytics that helps podcasters understand their audience better. The platform adheres to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, ensuring the data is accurate and reliable.

  • Listener Metrics: Get detailed insights into who is listening, what devices they’re using, where they’re located, and their listening habits.
  • Episode Comparisons: Compare the performance of different episodes to identify trends and popular content.
  • Unique Listeners: Count the individual devices that stream/download episodes to get a clearer picture of your audience size.


Comprehensive Hosting Solutions

Simplecast provides robust hosting and distribution services, making it easy to manage and share your podcast across major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. This ensures your podcast reaches a wide audience without any hassle.

Advanced Analytics

Simplecast podcast offers detailed analytics, including listener metrics, episode comparisons, and unique listener counts, adhering to IAB guidelines for accuracy.

These insights help podcasters make informed decisions about their content and understand their audience better.

Unlimited Storage and Uploads

All Simplecast plans include unlimited storage and uploads, ensuring you never have to worry about space constraints as your podcast grows. This is particularly beneficial for podcasters with extensive archives or those who publish frequently.

Customizable Podcast Websites

Subscribers can create customizable websites that automatically update with new episodes. These websites come with social media integration and SEO optimization, helping you promote your podcast effectively and attract more listeners.

User-Friendly Interface

Simplecast is known for its ease of use, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced podcasters. The intuitive interface simplifies podcast management, allowing users to focus more on content creation and less on technical details.


Lack of Creation Tools

Unlike some competitors, Simplecast does not offer tools for recording or editing podcasts. This means you’ll need to use additional software for production, which can be inconvenient for podcasters looking for an all-in-one solution.

Higher Costs for Advanced Features

While the basic plans are competitively priced, access to more advanced features and higher download limits requires subscribing to the more expensive tiers. This can be a drawback for podcasters on a tight budget.

Limited Monetization Options

Simplecast does not offer extensive built-in monetization options compared to some competitors. Podcasters may need to look elsewhere for ad management and sponsorships, adding complexity to their monetization efforts.

No Free Plan

Simplecast does not offer a free tier, which might be a drawback for hobbyists or beginners looking to start without an upfront investment. All plans require a subscription, which could be a barrier to entry for some users.

Customer Support

While Simplecast provides standard email support, it lacks real-time support options like live chat or phone support. This might be a limitation for users who need immediate assistance or prefer more direct customer service interactions.

Simplecast Competitors and Alternative Platforms

Simplecast podcast isn’t the only hosting platform on the market. Here’s a detailed look at some competitors and how they stack up.

Spotify for Podcasters (formerly Anchor) Affiliate Button
spotify for podcasters
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Spotify for Podcasters offers free hosting services that are ideal for beginners and hobbyists. It allows users to store and distribute episodes across major podcast directories, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The platform also provides versatile recording capabilities and monetization options through sponsorships and listener donations.

  • Pros: Free hosting, easy distribution, basic analytics, and simple editing tools.
  • Cons: Limited features, basic analytics, episodes listed under Spotify’s ID on Apple Podcasts, and restricted to one category listing per episode.


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  • There is a reason why Podbean is used by 600,000+ Podcasters!
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Podbean offers both free and paid plans, catering to beginners and advanced podcasters alike. It includes features such as customizable websites, integrated monetization options, and detailed analytics.

Podbean’s paid plans provide additional storage, bandwidth, and advanced tools like dynamic ad insertion and multiple admin accounts.

  • Pros: Customizable websites, easy ad setup, competitive pricing for basic plans.
  • Cons: Higher costs for advanced features, limited security information, and no backup options.


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  • Buzzsprout is recommended by podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast hosting made easy!
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Buzzsprout is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set. It provides detailed analytics, seamless episode uploads, and integration with major podcast directories.

Buzzsprout also offers advanced features such as dynamic content insertion and magic mastering, which enhances audio quality automatically.

  • Pros: Excellent user interface, detailed analytics, great support, and advanced audio features.
  • Cons: Limited storage on lower tiers, higher costs for unlimited plans.


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  • Edit podcasts as easily as docs.
  • Transform audio with cutting-edge tools.
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Descript combines podcast hosting with powerful audio and video editing tools. It offers features such as transcription, screen recording, and multitrack editing, making it a versatile tool for podcasters who want to handle both production and hosting in one platform.

Descript’s unique approach allows for easy editing by modifying the transcript, which then updates the audio automatically.

  • Pros: Integrated editing and transcription, powerful collaboration tools, easy publishing.
  • Cons: Higher learning curve, can be expensive for small podcasters.

How to Choose the Right Host

As you can see, each company has its benefits. You’ll find different ones useful based on your podcasting needs.
Anchor and Podbean are just two competitors that come to mind.

There are also contenders such as Buzzsprout, Transistor, etc. You’ll have to do your research to determine which one is best for your show.

What Is the Best Podcast Platform?

Having a good podcast platform is important. It will make your podcasts easy to manage and allow you to successfully store and distribute them.

As we mentioned, good podcast hosts will have established themselves in the industry. The best platforms will also have features such as:

  • Easy access to analytics
  • Simple process for uploading and managing files
  • Sharing capabilities
  • Custom website building

Simplecast User Reviews and Testimonials

Josh Pigford, CEO & Co-Founder of Maybe: “We’ve used Simplecast for several years to host multiple podcasts. Not a single complaint and the whole team is one of the best in the industry.”

Edward Shepard: “One of the easiest ways to get started with podcasting, without sacrificing professional features.”

Zachariah Moreno, Co-founder and CEO of SquadCast: “We have multiple shows, Between 2 Mics & Remove Before Flight, that are powered by Simplecast. Leadership, Team, & Support are all world-class.”

James McKinven, Host of Indie Bites Podcast: “I’ve been using Transistor for the past year and I like it, no real problems, but I’d just like my website to look nicer. With this update, Simplecast seems to be offering a lot more features, for less money. I love Transistor & I’ll probably still host one of my podcasts there. However, I think I am going to switch my main pod over to Simplecast.”

Lohitha B., Media Broadcaster: “Pretty good email support. The subscription is divided into three sections, making the users choose wisely. They even contain a separate subscription for networking and business users. Some subscriptions are not worth the features they offer. Many features are similar in each subscription, making the user think twice about opting for a higher subscription.”

Guille S., Marketing Manager: “I like that you get to see the analytics of each episode in different dashboards, even a worldwide map! Sometimes episodes take like 30 mins to upload, I’ve used other podcast players that take from 5 to 10 mins.”

For more testimonials and detailed reviews, visit Simplecast on G2 and Software Advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I migrate my existing podcast to Simplecast?

Simplecast’s Show Migrator tool allows seamless transfer of your podcast from another host. Simply locate your show, claim it, and transfer all episodes without disruption.

Can I host video podcasts on Simplecast?

Yes, Simplecast supports video podcast hosting, allowing you to upload and distribute video episodes along with audio content.

Does Simplecast podcast offer private podcasting features?

Yes, Simplecast offers private podcasting options to restrict access to certain episodes, ideal for exclusive content or internal communications.

Final Thoughts

Through our research, we’ve found that Simplecast meets these criteria. It tends to be a safe bet as it has everything you need to store, distribute, and promote your shows. It doesn’t waste your time with fancy bells and whistles.

Thousands of customers from around the world report good experiences with the company. Users love it because it’s easy to use yet offers many great features.

So, if you are in the market for a podcast host, definitely consider Simplecast. Feel free to share our Simplecast review with your friends who could be in the same position.

You can’t go wrong as there’s a free trial for new members. And, there’s a promotion going on where you can save 50% on your first two months.

Simply use the promo code WIREDCLIP to give it a try!

Ready for more insights? Dive into our other hosting platform reviews and find the perfect match for your podcasting needs!

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