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Proline MS112 – Desktop Boom Mic Stand Review

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Proline MS112 - Desktop Boom Mic Stand Review

The Proline MS112 is a desktop boom microphone stand designed to capture the perfect sound.

Proline ensures that their products are made to last while staying affordable, and the MS112 is no exception.

With a sleek black design and a robust makeup, this boom mic stand will fit into any setup with ease and look the part while doing so.

Proline endeavors to provide the best equipment for musicians on tour and in the booth, as well as for use in podcasts.

The MS112 upholds their high standards, and is a great fit for anyone looking to buy a high quality desktop boom mic stand at a reasonable price.

The key features of the Proline MS112 in particular are its telescoping boom, low profile, and durability that make it a reliable choice in many situations for all types of recording, particularly in the cases of musicians and podcasters.

Pros And Cons


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Nine-inch telescopic boom with tons of adjustability
  • Reliable and secure fixings
  • Suitable for light and moderate duty microphones


  • May struggle with heavier duty equipment and recordings

Telescoping Boom

The primary function of the Proline MS112 is as a telescoping boom stand.

This type of microphone stand is sometimes referred to as the “stick” boom, as it extends and retracts in a straight line.

With an impressive nine-inch range of mobility, the MS112 can be set to the height you desire and remain fixed there with ease.

To use this feature, simply adjust the stand’s height and fix it into place with the wheel on the side.

Should you need to adjust it again, all you have to do is loosen the wheel, re-adjust, and then fix it once more.

Proline MS112

This feature is particularly useful when fitting the stand into small spaces, or adjusting the microphone for different needs, so be sure to make the most out of it!


Keeping a low-profile may not be ideal for a released podcast or piece of music, but the same thing doesn’t apply to the stand you use. Fortunately, the Proline MS112 covers this for you.

As a low-profile boom mic stand, the Proline MS112 is an excellent contender when recording kick drums, amplifiers, and other low down pieces of equipment.

Table Microphone Stand

For podcasters, the MS112 is compact enough to stay out of the way while ensuring no audio is missed.

Without a low-profile stand of great quality such as the Proline MS112, it will be much harder to ensure that all the sounds are recorded properly, so keep that in mind when picking a stand for your microphone.

Robust Features

With die-cast metal clutches, the Proline MS112 will securely maintain the position you set it at, allowing you to work without worrying if it will adjust on its own.

A heavy-duty die-cast base supports it, preventing it from toppling and wobbling.

Being made of such robust materials ensures not only the reliability of the product as you use it, but also its durability and longevity.

Choosing a quality stand like the Proline MS112 will keep you going for a long time without the need for a replacement.

Size And Specifications

The Proline MS112 comes in a sleek black that will fit in with any decor. Made out of sturdy metal, no expense is spared on the components, ensuring a product that looks and feels the part.

With a length, width and height of 17.7, 7.7, and 3.7 inches respectively, the stand is small enough to fit into many spaces.

A desk or footstool is large enough to hold it, yet it is strong enough to support even some of the larger microphones.

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There are numerous positive reviews about the Proline MS112 on its Amazon page, with even the most critical reviews leaving a positive impression.

The consensus is that this stand is perfect for heavy microphones such as the Blue Yeti due to its robust nature and hardy materials.

Coupled with the adjustability, this makes the MS112 a brilliant choice for all your needs.

A number of reviews talk about how it is “very adjustable” and “great for the price.” These are key indicators of its affordability and how well it functions to its desired specifications.

Another set of reviews remark on its stability, describing it as “very stable” even with comparatively heavy microphones being supported by it. This goes to show how well the stand will keep its position while you use it.

With so many positive features, great materials, and an affordable price, the Proline MS112 is a brilliant choice for a low-profile boom microphone stand.

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.


Other than the MS112, Proline has a range of quality products and accessories to meet all the needs of a musician or podcaster. This includes a vast amount of things to support your instruments, gear, and recording devices.

Having been around since 1984, Proline knows a thing or two about making durable and affordable products like the MS112.

They hold themselves to the highest manufacturing standards, prioritizing the principles of stability, durability and longevity – all while keeping things at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Proline MS112 is an excellent choice when it comes to low-profile boom mic stands. It has the stability and durability to go the mile, both in terms of its materials and features.

A nine-inch telescopic boom is an amazing feature that allows for easy adaptability, and the heavy-duty die-cast base and fixings make sure it stays where you want it to be at all times.

It functions perfectly for recording kick drums, amplifiers, and more, all while looking great and fitting into whatever space you require.

It is stable, durable, and it will last you a long while. Most importantly, it is affordable.

With so many positive features and reviews, supported by the manufacturer’s long history of making musical and recording equipment and accessories, there is really no need to look anywhere else other than the Proline MS112 for use as your microphone stand of choice.

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