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Create Buzz With These Podcast Merchandise Ideas

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Podcast Merchandise Ideas

Podcasting has become a highly successful and popular industry, with countless new shows popping up each week, and offering something new and exciting to this new form of media. 

One of the most attractive qualities of podcasting is the freedom it gives content creators to create their own material and control their own narrative.

Podcasters can carve out their own niche without interference from large corporations – and without the need for the kind of representation that would classically be required with a career in TV and radio. 

It also allows people to make their own money, either through paid advertising, fan donations, or when they sell podcast merchandise, with the latter proving quite lucrative to podcasters with a degree of established success. 

But what types of merchandise can budding podcasters sell, and which sell better than others? 

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How Does Merchandising Work? 

Generally speaking, selling podcast merch is one of the best ways for podcasters to make money, while creating something that passionate fans can purchase and cherish in the process. 

This was once a popular activity for musicians and other such artists, but with the rise of the modern podcaster, this kind of fandom needed something through which to celebrate and publicize their love for their favorite artists. 

The internet, while essential for the podcasting industry, also means that artists can create and go into selling podcast merchandise through their own website.

This means they are 100% in control of the profits, as well as the products they decide to make. 

Can Merchandise Work For All Podcasters? 

Podcast Merchandise Ideas

Putting up a merch store can be useful and beneficial for most podcasters, irrespective of their chosen niche. However, one thing that is important to remember is that you need a fanbase in order to sell the products you make. 

This means that it is necessary (if not vital) to establish a viewership before you create merchandise, as this can ensure that you do not waste money creating products for a podcast that might never get off the ground. 

What Merchandise Can People Sell? 

As far as merchandising goes, the sky really is the limit for podcast merch ideas you can sell to a potential fanbase.

This can vary depending on the type of podcast you have and could be as obscure or niche as you feel like. 


The t-shirt is perhaps the most common and obvious form of podcast swag that podcasters can sell.

This allows you to come up with any number of different designs, colors, and podcast logo that allows your fans to wear your podcast’s name with pride when they are out in the world. 

Everyone loves a t-shirt, especially if you put the work in and get talented artists to design your custom merch.

And what’s more, once your fans are wearing them out in public, you are essentially getting a living, breathing billboard – advertising your own podcast, and potentially attracting new fans into the fold. 

There are also numerous affordable t-shirt printing apparatus on the market, allowing those with a budget to create their own prototypes or products that can then be sold online – although this method is perhaps most useful for small-time podcasters with a limited audience. 


What Merchandise Can People Sell? 

Baseball caps are another product that sells like hot cakes, and depending on how cool you make them, could prove to be a best seller amongst your fanbase. 

These are somewhat harder to produce yourself, as the cap can be hard to print onto without specialist equipment, but with the right connections you could create a great, iconic product that your fans will wear with pride. 


Hoodies are an item of clothing that most people wear at some point in their lives, and are generally a staple of most people’s wardrobes, thanks to their comfort and versatility. 

What’s more, they create a larger canvas for you to publicize your podcast, using any number of creative designs to get the message across.

These generally consist of smaller designs on the front left breast of the hoodie, with a larger podcast merch design across the back. 

Pin Badges

Pin badges are perfect for fans who want something a little more lowkey, and are a great collectible item that is cheap to produce and fun to make. 

These benefit from more simplistic, striking designs, but can be a great way of repping a brand, and creating a striking statement accessory that people will be attracted to.

They are also generally sold cheaper, meaning that fans might be more tempted to buy them than other pricier items. 


mug mockup

Like t-shirts, everyone loves a good mug, and these can be great ways to advertise your podcast.

Fans can take these to the office and have them as a work mug, or they could cherish them at home as their favorite receptacle for their morning cup of Joe. 

These allow you to get a little more creative, and there is more room for elaborate designs and eye-catching color schemes.

What’s more, they are something that most people need and own, making them more desirable to fans. 


Finally, what superfan wouldn’t want a poster of their favorite podcaster on their wall? This doesn’t need to be a photograph, and could quite easily be any cool design for your own podcast merchandise.

Comedians tend to use this piece of merchandise, often showing specific shows or tours, and often boasting cool, eye-catching retro designs that make for great wall art

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Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about podcasting, and the branded merch creators can sell to their fans. 

Podcasting can be very lucrative and fulfilling to those with the drive, work ethic, loyal podcast audience, and understanding of how the industry works.

And what’s more, it shows no signs of slowing down, with more and more people turning to podcasting as a means of establishing a brand, and creating a community of like-minded people who can support one another. 

Why not give these ideas a try?

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